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Guest Tschoonsz


I use autoit for automatic installation of the BDE in inno-setup-installer.

I use a script that should close the warning that appears when the disk-space on the disk where BDE is installed is more than 2 GB. In this case BDE-installation gives a message saying "...there is not enough disk...". I want this message not to be seen by the user, the installation is also working if autoit sends ENTER to this message. I use the following script but it didn´t work under W-XP. The warning and also the dialog appears.

Is there anybody who can help me?

This is the script:

HideAutoItWin, On

Run, minireg.exe bdeinst.dll

WinWaitActive, Borland Database Engine Installation/Upgrade

Send, {ENTER}

Gosub, checkem



;check for the existence of the not-enough-disk-space warning

IfWinActive, Warning,, Send, {ENTER}

;check for the directory-does-not-exist,-create-it? dialog

IfWinActive, Confirm,, Send, {ENTER}

;see if we're done yet

IfWinExist, Borland Database Engine Installation/Upgrade, Goto, checkem




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Do these to windows have the focus when they popup ??

If not you could test if the window exists , then activate it and send ENTER...

IfWinExist, Warning,,WinActive, Warning
IfWinExist, Warning,,Send, {ENTER}

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