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How to send a list as post data

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Hello. I am wondering, if this is at all possible, and if so, would someone please help me.

I am wondering, if it is at all possible to have multiple lists loaded, sent as post data in a certain order, and than return the result.

For example:

FileOpenDialog ( "List 1" , "c:/", "Text files (*.txt)")
FileOpenDialog ( "List 2" , "c:/", "Text files (*.txt)")
FileOpenDialog ( "Saved Results" , "c:/", "Text files (*.txt)")

basically upon startup, my message boxes are displayed about the program and than the program prompts for the lists to be loaded.

What I want to do, is have to first use the first line of text in list 1, than use it with all the lines of list 2 ( one line at a time) and is a success than return the result to be saved in saved results and continue, if not continue till finished. After it finishes in list 2 after the first line of text in list 1, it would go to line 2 in list 1 and start over in list 2 on a loop basically.

And I cannot understand how to make events like this start upon a button being pressed. Thank you.

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