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Animated tray element.

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Hi! Create animated tray looks like Posted Image possible in AutoIT?

Create a different image for each frame, and then TraySetIcon the images.

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Say you used the freeware application called "Icon Developer" which was built by Stardock - you can find it on the web. You would use it to make two icon files, switch tray icons every 600 milliseconds or so, this way:

$icon01 = @ScriptDir & "\pic01.ico"
$icon02 = @ScriptDir & "\pic02.ico"
$switch = False
AdlibEnable("SwitchIcons", 600)
Func SwitchIcons()
    If $switch Then
    $switch = Not $switch; brought to you by forum member - rasim
EndFunc  ;==>SwitchIcons
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