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Incorrect behaviour using process functions

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There are some curious appearances by using the functions

- ProcessExists()

- ProcessList()

in a Windows 2000 SP4 environment.



Before AutoIt version v. queried processes have to be max. 15 characters (according to the Task Manager).

Since then a bug concerning these 15 characters should have been fixed (seen in history file).


On one W2k server I have to use the real full filename incl. extention,

on another server neither this nor the former 15 character thing works!

And: Some (not all!) short name processes (less than 15 char. incl. extention) are functioning well as expected... !!


Even in AutoIt version ProcessList() returns processnames with a maximum of 15 characters!

This behaviour is a lot of confusing.

Worse off that ProcessExists() seems not to be a reliable function call today!


What is the explanation of the described appearances?

Or do I do s.th. wrong? I've checked and tried a lot these days but didn't find any solution.

Or is it just a bug that has to be corrected in the AutoIt sources?

Thank you very much for your answers and tips (hopefully)!


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Welcome to the AutoIt forums !

You are probably just going to have to keep coding work-arounds like you have been doing. AutoIt does not improve on Microsoft's legacy code.

But using AutoIt, you can automate Windows and get many work-arounds to be sufficient for your actual needs.

It is a pretty big challenge at first, though.

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Great Answer...

But that doesn't help me a lot.

Does anyone have another idea to solve that problem?

Am I the only one who has observed this?


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Hi! You mentioned that even in ver. ProcessExist still malfunctions.

Can't test for lack of a 2k rig ATM , but have you seen that update history

mentions another fix for version ?

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@Ed14 -

You might have to be careful about which version number of AutoIt - production or beta version, etcetera, - that you are using when you try this app written by AutoIt big-wigs found here.

And this is pretty technical, but with the same version caveat in mind, you could try studying this post. :)

Edited by Squirrely1

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