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Guest Enon'

Need help with user input.

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Guest Enon'

I am creating a script to take multiple inputs from a user text and or numerical data. I currently have my script working perfectly, But it is very aggrivating for the people using it.

I have used $var = InputBox's to capture the variables from the user. Doing so has made my script, well, ugly..

First it asks if you wish to start.. Fine..

Then it one after the next a new box pops up asking for one line of input. For instance to get the input for one IP address (so that the numbers can be seperated for use in the script.. I need to popup FOUR different inputboxes to get the IP address..

[ ] Blah Blah |


| First part of IP |

| [inputbox ] |

[OK] button..

I have to do this four times to capture the input the way I need it..

Is there anyway I can have one window popup.. the size of say.. this inputbox in the forum.. and in there have the user enter ALL the data they need too without having to enter a bit.. click ok.. enter a bit click ok.. Its just plain UGLY.. lol


IP Address [inputbox] . [inputbox] . [inputbox] . [inputbox]

Enter your name: First [input], Last [input]

my birthday is [inputbox] / [inputbox] / [inputbox] (OR pull down input menu),,

do you sleep with sheep [inputbox]

**(Note: the above is not actually input I want.. ROFL)**

See what I'm getting at? LOL I want everything in one input window instead of a zillion boxes..

Please, any help you knowlagable people could give would be most Appreciated

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It can be achieved using the GUI side of Autoit, available in the unstalbe version.

Download the latest unstable from Autoit Unstable

There are some very good examples included, and as always the helpfile is very helpful.


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What if you got the ip address all in one lump (in the form, then parsed it with StringSplit? That way, you only need one input box to get all four parts.

$var = InputBox( 'IP Address', 'Enter IP Address:' )

$Pieces = StringSplit( $var, '.' )

MsgBox( 0, 'IP Address', _
'IP Address Part 1 = ' & $Pieces[1] & @CRLF & _
'IP Address Part 2 = ' & $Pieces[2] & @CRLF & _
'IP Address Part 3 = ' & $Pieces[3] & @CRLF & _
'IP Address Part 4 = ' & $Pieces[4] )

Take care,



Do not put statements in the negative form.

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