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Old-Style Boot Menu

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Ok This Is OldStyleBootMenu created by Manadar...It Requires This .dll in my directory for OldStyleBootMenu...read the readme first...then run the program

im tring to find a way to check with menu is selected so if Restart is {ENTER}'d then a message box asking to restart...you choose yes...then it restarts...etc...but i cant find a way to check for this...does anyone know? heres the link to the OldStyleBootMenu

OldStyleBootMenu Directory

Thanks to everyone with there help

--Swift :D

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So...No One Knows About This?

Ok Cool...Learning Stuff!

Found It Out...

If $sSelected = 0 Then Run("explorer.exe")

:D!! Yay...thanks for everyones help...but does anyone know...how to not make the gray bar...go out of the gui?

Edited by Swift

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