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Scrolling questions

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As part of my screen-capture app, a "scrolling capture" feature, in which the entire client contents (on-screen and off-screen) of the window get captured, is the last big obstacle.

From what I can determine, I have to choose between the MouseWheel() or the Send("{PGDN}") commands to move down the window. But when should the script stop repeating these commands, i.e., how can one detect that the bottom of the window content has been reached (and one can scroll no further)?

I'm going 'cold turkey' on the kludgy techniques, like observing the scrollbar behavior and things like that. (Besides, not all windows have scrollbars).

It appears that AutoIt offers no means of managing "page" coordinates / dimensions but only the dimensions for "window" and "screen" coordinates (the visible parts).

Is there any command or method more appropriate for me to use?

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