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Is there a command to wait to write to a file?

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I have a file that is being wrote to and read from constantly by many instances of a single script. This is causing it to error out every so often, I have look around a ton and can't find anything. Is there anyway around this? And if not, I was planning on making a script that uses TCP that will allow all the scripts access to the file one at a time. Would this be my best choice? There is no way I can work around using a single file, so any input is much appreciated, thanks in advance.


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Here you go...


$errfile = FileOpen($path,1)


Until $errfile <> -1

FileWriteLine($errfile,@ComputerName & " -> " & $NewOU & ": Move Result: " & $moveresult)

FileWriteLine($errfile,@ComputerName & " -> " & $newname & ": Renm Result: " & $renresult)


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