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Multiple Updates

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I am trying to make one script which will allow me to run all the downloaded windows XP offline updates.

Script file will force to run all the offline updates one by one without restarting machine.

Updates are stored in one folder and all are in .exe and .msi format. Offline updates folders path can be change.

Please help me to make this script. I am starting from

; Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 Updates

MsgBox(0, "Company name!", "department!")

MsgBox(1, "System Support!", "Contact for any queries")



But it runs all toghether and asks for restart at all the time. Please configer it as soon as possible and replay me.

Please help me as i am very much new in writing scrips.


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No need to re-invent the wheel.

Automatically Slipstream Windows XP with SP2 and All Post-SP2 Updates

"The batch file xpsp2local.cmd (updated 29-Jan-07) will update the copy of Windows XP that is installed on the computer you run the command on. You may wish to do this, if you do not have, or want, the machine you want to hotfix connected to the internet, or if you are unable to run Windows Update for some reason (for example, if Internet Explorer isn't installed, or doesn't work properly, due to a virus or similar mishap)."

If you get the local file, you can update without slipstreaming an install disc.

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Thanks For Helping me.

The way you suggested i tried. It gets update from internet. But my client pc's are not having internet.

also i have downloaded all the updates in local folder and i want to update it locally without internet.

i want to add and delete also some of updates as per my requirement.

But this will not solve my concern. I am updating windows XP professional with SP2.

Any of my PC is not having internet. I have downloaded all the required updates in one folder in system drive.

Through the local network with sharing my folder i want to update all the computers.

So i am trying to make a script which will allow me to run all the updated with single click one by one also without

restarting computer.

Also want to built startup messages like "Do you want to run windows, Yes/No answers.

I can add new arrived updates also time to time. Please show the way to do the same.

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