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How Do You Make A Script Repeat Itself?


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Ok here is my script. How can you make this part repeat? I need to make it so that the person can repeat it as many times as he/she wants


SetEnv, ShenkFile, %A_SCRIPTDIR%\\Shenk.ini

IniRead, LoadDelay, %ShenkFile%, GameSettings, LoadDelay

IniRead, ActiveAccount, %ShenkFile%, AccountSettings, Account

IniRead, ActivePassword, %ShenkFile%, AccountSettings, Password

IniRead, CharLocation, %ShenkFile%, AccountSettings, CharLocation

IniRead, Repeat Game, %ShenkFile%, GameSettings, Repeat Game

IniRead, Atack How Many Times, %ShenkFile%, AttackSettings, # Of times to attack

IniRead, TeleKey, %ShenkFile%, AttackSettings, Teleport Key

IniRead, AttackKey, %ShenkFile%, AttackSettings, FireBall Key


GoSub, StartDiablo

GoSub, Login

GoSub, AcessCharacters

;---------------------This part I need to repeat

GoSub, CreateGame

GoSub, WalkToWP

GoSub, WalkToShenk

GoSub, KillShenk

GoSub, QuitGame

----------------------End of repeat

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If all else fails:

If the script isn't too complicated, you could convert it from AutoIt2 to 3 and thereby gain the hotkey features of AutoIt3. If the script is complex or you don't want to convert it, you could try AutoHotkey, which allows old AutoIt2 scripts to be enhanced with hotkeys and new commands.

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