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Get data from hyperterminal

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I use SciTE4AutoIt3 Version 1.71

I have need to capture data provide by serial link and send file with xmodem protocol and capture data again.

I use hyperterminal because I have tested different software (tera term pro ...) but i don´t have the same result than hyperterminal.

Anyway, I find autoit and very happy to find this software.

I read doc ... test ... write my first script for capture the data inside the hyperterminal.

I use the function WinGetText and surprised the texte is "Connected 00:02:03" and not my data.

I start AutoIt v3 window, check the visible text when I click on the principal window and the vivible text is "Connected 00:02:03" and I don´t see my data.

The control info give me the information "Term Class1", Id 3, and nothing for the text.

Do you have any idea for get the text or it´s not possible ?

Thanks for your idea.

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Check "Title Special Definition" in the helpfile under "WinGetText"

scroll to "Advanced Window Descriptions" :

Advanced Window Descriptions

A special description can be used as the window title parameter. This description can be used to identify a window by the following properties:

TITLE - Window title

CLASS - The internal window classname

REGEXPTITLE - Window title using a regular expression (if the regular expression is wrong @error will be set to 2)

LAST - Last window used in a previous AutoIt command

ACTIVE - Currently active window

INSTANCE - The 1-based instance when all given properties match

One or more properties are used in the title parameter of a window command in the format:

[PROPERTY1:Value1; PROPERTY2:Value2]

e.g. Wait a window of classname "Notepad"

WinWaitActive("[CLASS:Notepad]", "")

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First, thanks for your answer.

So I try with this script:

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4) ;1=start, 2=subStr, 3=exact, 4=advanced, -1 to -4=Nocase

$text = WinGetText("[CLASS:SESSION_WINDOW; CLASSNAMENN:Term Class1]", "")

MsgBox(0, "Text read was:", $text)

But the result is the same, "Connected 00:02:03" or "disconnected" but not the data from the serial link.

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Well haven't worked with the terminal, but I would have alook at StdoutRead (Look in the helpfile for that)

Start here if you are new Valuater's AutoIT 1-2-3Looking for an UDF - Look hereDo you need to do it twice - Autoit

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