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Error in writing file


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Hey guys

Please can someone glance over this for me..

I am trying to write a line of text to create a bacth file, when getting "Error in Expression" when running the script!

For info: I am trying to call a logfile once the bacth file has run..

GLOBAL $LOGFILNAME = GUICtrlCreateInput ("", 30, 195 , 300, 20)

FileWriteLine($file, 'Echo Call C:\Program Files\Appname\logs\ "' & Guiread($LOGFILNAME)'" ' & @CRLF)

What am I missing?

Parentheses and I are not mates at the moment!


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Thanks Larry, you come to rescue yet again!

Much obliged...

Just a question, Not sure if I am the only one struggling to get my head around parentheses, but is there a section in the helpfile that explains this a bit better? I could not find anything.. And if not would it be a good idea to add this at some stage, for newbies like me?

Cheers mate.

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