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RUNWAIT command wont execute my batch file

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so i am trying to make this simple program that runs silent installations of a few programs. I have a dialog box that has a series of check boxes where you can select which programs to install. I can get one to work(adobe flash) but acro reader will not work. When i check the acroreader checkbox and click my install button the command prompt opens but does not insert the command line to run the silent install. here is the code:

If GUICtrlRead(10) = 1 Then ;prog7

RunWait("Silent Installs\Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 9\adobeFlashXbat.bat")


now i assure you the batch file does work on its own i.e. when i double click the batch file it runs the silent install.

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I'm 90% sure that your path is wrong, shouldn't you specify a drive or somthing?

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...RunWait("Silent Installs\Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 9\adobeFlashXbat.bat")...

Batch files require @ComSpec

FileOpen("1\2\test.bat", 2)
FileWrite("1\2\test.bat", "pause")
RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & "1\2\test.bat")
This worked for me.


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