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GUI application, RegExp

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Hi! I am trying to automate the following task using AutoIt.

Forex TSD Task

1. Open Forex TSD Elite Weekly Winners Last Page with Firefox

http://www.forex-tsd.com/expert-analysis/ (registration required, no need to register automatically)

2. search the source of that page to find the last instance of <b><u>EURUSD</u>:<br /> There are several instances of <b><u>EURUSD</u>:<br />

3. copy the next line which contains 1.

4. RegExp [^\d\.\s](.*?(?= with)) this is the name of the EA(Expert Advisor) which I am looking for.

5. search that EA in MetaTrder4(a GUI application) EA list and

6. open the currency pair in MetaTrader4 and load that EA

1. AU3Record 3.1 captured the mouse and keyboard inout and playing it does not reproduce exact actions. The problem is the typing of the url was made not in the url window. What would be the code to open the url in Firefox ?

2.3. 4. Please advise how to code theses in AutoIt.

5.6. I am trying to capture the mouse and keyboard input with AU3Record 3.1.

The problem is that the mouse moves to incorrect position so that the correct operation is not performed.

Thanks in advance.


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