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Controlling 2 Windows

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I want to control 2 (or more) windows running, say, IE. Window1 will keep updating the server while window2 will fetch the result from the server AFTER KNOWING WHAT Window1 HAVE DONE. I know I can do it in 1 script which controls both windows and determines when should Window1 be activated to receive my mouseclick()/send() and when should Window2 be activated to receive its keystrokes/clicks.

But I want another approach where I'd write independent scripts for window1 and window2 respectively and run these 2 scripts concurrently. In this way, I can easily extend it to include window3, 4 or more. But then, I need a way for my 2 processes to communicate as window2 should wait for window1 to finish whatever it should have finished before doing its own job. How do we do interprocess communication between 2 running scripts? My primitive idea is to write a file on the filesystem with the filename indicating the state of window1 and let window2 to check for the presence of specific filenames to determine window1's state. But this isn't a nice solution and I guess something from Win32 API should be available for doing this (I have little experience in Windows programming. I barely know what a DLL is. My background is Java/J2EE!)

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