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Hi everybody,

I have added one or two more new features and made some other improvements to HotKicks- the compiled multipurpose autoit script that lets you take full control of windows via hotkeys. Please download the new version and delete the old one (including its ini file). The new version is attached to this post. Please make sure that you delete the old version plus its ini file. A new ini file will be created when you run HotKicks. Remember that the default key for HotKicks menu is F11. Remember also that you can add your own programs (single or in batch).

Added in this version

- The readme file is now more elaborate (more like a help file) and better written.

- Apart from the regular timed shutdown/reboot, you can now ask that your computer shuts down at a certain time everyday or on a given day of the week e.g. 0830 everyday or 1450 every tuesday. The default hotkey for this is Ctrl + Shift + s, but like all the keys, you can change the default and assign preferred keys.

- If windows crashes or HotKicks is otherwise interrupted, HotKicks remembers your earlier scheduled shutdown/restart the next time you run it. This is nice!

- You can view the menu at any time by pressing the menu hotkey (default is F11).

In the former version, the menu list was too long. In this version, it has been broken into two message boxes and is therefore easier to view.

You can always download the latest version of HotKicks from its website: http://hotkicks.port5.com



Please post your comments here or send them to HotKicks@rushpost.com


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