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Winwait help

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The following code opens an external app called drvcomp.exe and clicks a button to start it. The code added on 1-25 was added to check to see if drvcomp.exe crashes. It seems to get stuck and not get beyond the newly added code. I am using this functioanlaity correctly? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 3)


WinWait ("Driver Compressor Setup: Options")

WinActivate("Driver Compressor Setup: Options" , "")

WinSetOnTop("Driver Compressor Setup: Options", "",1)

ControlClick("[Class:#32770]", "Start", "[ClassNN:Button2]", "left", 1)

$message = GUICtrlCreateLabel('Drivers are being integrated to ' & $xpcd & '\I386 directory.', 10, 405, 400, 20)

;this is test code placed on 1-25 to test in drvcomp fails

WinWait ("DrvComp - Driver Compressor tool", "",120)

WinActivate("DrvComp - Driver Compressor tool" , "")

WinSetOnTop("DrvComp - Driver Compressor tool", "",1)

msgbox(1,"Driver Compressor Terminated Abnormally", "Unfortunately you will need to start over !")

ControlClick("[Class:#32770]", "Close", "[ClassNN:Button1]", "left", 1)

WinWait("Program Error", "", 10)

WinActivate("Program Error" , "")

WinSetOnTop("Program Error", "",1)

ControlClick("[Class:NotifyDialog]", "Close", "[ClassNN:Button1]", "left", 1)

If Not ProcessExists("drvcomp.exe") then Exit


WinWait ("Driver Compressor Setup: Completed")

WinActivate("Driver Compressor Setup: Completed" , "")

WinSetOnTop("Driver Compressor Setup: Completed", "",1)

ControlClick("[Class:#32770]", "Close", "[ClassNN:Button2]", "left", 1)

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Add more error handling to your code by checking the return values of the Win.... functions.

That should at least give you a better idea where it gets stuck.

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