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Guest edwardt_tril

localization of script

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Guest edwardt_tril

in visual test we can do localization of those windows titile text,

button text, as long as those strings are found in the string table ..

so that we don't need to write those same function again and again

and wrose of all, testing them again and again and again .. GOSH ...

just becasue the underlying product display differently in other language

does autoit allow this kind of functionality?

please post your scripts or any suggestion .....

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If I understood correctly:

You may write your texts in an ini file, dividing it to language sections as desired (i.e...

Text1=Welcome to my program
Text2=Press this button
Text3=to exit

Text1=Καλώς ήρθατε στο πρόγραμμά μου
Text2=Πατήστε αυτό το πλήκτρο
Text3=για να κλείσετε το πρόγραμμα

After that you will call each option (Text1, Text2 etc) depending on the Regional Setting of each user, or the language it prefers based on a check in your program... That's all.

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That option to have the translated strings seems easy until you start dealing with a huge UI where the button text or dialogs are constantly changing.

Is there a way to script for a button ID instead of the specific text. This would make the script work no matter what language/text was displayed in the button.

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