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I cant control "AfxControlBar42s" control

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I dont know if this is simple or complicated, but I have a problem:

I am automating a program (WPE PRO) to do some simple, yet effective, tasks.

Fist I like it to open a document, some packet filters witch I have created, then check the check boxes of certant filters.

I'm done with the checkboxes, thanks to "GUICtrlListView_SetItemChecked", but :) I can't open the filters automaticly!

The whole "FILTER MENU" is a "AfxControlBar42s" with 8 buttons with no hotkeys.

I have tried with this:

$controlhandle2 = ControlGetHandle("WPE PRO", "", "AfxControlBar42s")
ControlClick("WPE PRO", "", $controlhandle2, "left", 1, 164, 14)

But nothing happends... It is supposed to click on of those buttons :/ Is my try dumb or is it complicated and how would I then do it?

I am happy for answers!


PS: Please, no posts about me making suspicious programs, WPE PRO is flagged as a hacking tool or a trojan but it is a Winsock Packet Editor... And I'm not making anything bad, just making my little brother and his friends happier :) Thankya

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