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Guest cxxl-t

Change Size of Progressbarwindow

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Guest cxxl-t

How can I change the size of a Progressbar window.

Opt("TrayIconHide", 1)

If $CmdLine[0] = 0 Then
   MsgBox ( 48, 'Parameter fehlt!', 'SplashScreen.exe <Parameter>' & @LF & @LF & 'z.B. SplashScreen.exe "Installation von JDK"' & @LF & ' Diese Anwendung erzeugt eine Progressbar.' & @LF & ' Beenden der Anwendung mit Parameter -a.' )

   If $CmdLine[1] = "-a" Then
      Run ( "cmd /c taskkill /F /IM Splash*","",@SW_HIDE)

   $Parameter = $CmdLine[1]

   ProgressOn("Installation von " & $Parameter, $Parameter & " wird installiert!", "Dieser Vorgang dauert mehrere Minuten.",@DesktopWidth/2-153,@DesktopHeight/2-66,18)
   For $i = 1 to 100 step 1
      If $i >= 99 Then
         $i = 0

      ProgressSet( $i,)
   ProgressSet(100 ,)

When I deliver a long text over the commandline the text ins'n readable.

How can i resize the window to show a longer text in it?

Thanks for your help

kind regards


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