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string border? is it possible...

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I have the following GUI line:

GUICtrlCreateLabel($agent2 & " " & $agent5 & " " & $agent8 & " " & $agent11, 25, $p)

ok, $agent2 is allways changing in lenght because it represent a name. because of it my outcome is this:

Orly 13000 2800 AUX

MR. ronen 14001 2801 AUX

JR 13003 2802 AUX

I need the numbers to be under each other and the AUX also, I can do it using multi- GUICTRLcreateinputs but I don't want to use it, is there a way to strict how long the name is and where the second sentance starts in the same GUICTrlcreatelabel, or do I have to split it to two labels using the same line like:


GUICtrlCreateLabel($agent5 & " " & $agent8 & " " & $agent11,125,$p)

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Splitting is best. An alternative would be a monospaced font & string padding,

but IMHO that's rather ugly.


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You would need a listview to do this, so its laid out more like a spreadsheet.

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