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Question on GUICtrlCreateInput ?


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I have read in the helpfile that with the "InputBox" Ctrl, and I quote

Putting an M after the first character indicates that input is Manditory; i.e. you must enter something. Nothing will happen if you press the Ok button when there is nothing in the InputBox."

Example : ;Asks the user to enter a 1 or 2 character response.  The <b>M</b> in the password field indicates that blank string are not accepted and the 2 indicates that the response will be at most 2 characters long.

$value = InputBox("Testing", "Enter the 1 or 2 character code.", "", " M2")

Does the GUICtrlCreateInput have the same functionality?

Basically, I want to create a few input boxes which do not accept blank strings. If there is an easier way to do this please feel free to teach me :idiot:

Cheers guys

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Basically you just check If GuiRead($yourInputCtrl) = ""

Only do something when that result is not an empty string...

Here's an overly complete example:

#include <GuiConstants.au3>

GuiCreate("Testing", 251, 161, -1, -1, 0x94CC0A4C, 0x00050100)
GUICtrlCreateLabel("Enter the 1 or 2 character code", 10, 10, 223, 91)
$input = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 10, 96, 223, 20)
   GUICtrlSetLimit(-1, 2);limit text to two charcters
   GuiCtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_FOCUS)
$okay = GUICtrlCreateButton("OK", 28, 121, 75, 23)
$cancel = GUICtrlCreateButton("Cancel", 140, 121, 75, 23)


While 1
   $msg = GuiGetMsg()
   If $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE or $msg = $cancel Then
   ElseIf $msg = $okay Then
      If GuiRead($input) <> "" Then
         MsgBox(4096,"Done", "Input Accepted!")
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Thanks for the reply Cyberslug! I understand now and have implemented successfully into my script, and other actions..

I have to say, the fact that you and others take the time to reply to guys like me still learning the ropes, really makes Autoit enjoyable and appealing to use. Once again many thanks, you have helped me heaps with your knowledge!!! :idiot:

Cheers mate :D

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