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Guest Ice1605

I am a VERY new person and I need help.

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Guest Ice1605

I am new with AutoIT, and I want to learn. I want to be able to make a utility that shows computer info, but I don't know how. I know Visual BASIC and C++ (A little of both), but I can't figure this out!

Help, please!

My code so far:





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MsgBox(0,"Computer Specs",@OSTYPE & @CRLF & @OSVersion & @CRLF & @OSServicePack & @CRLF & @OSBuild & @CRLF & @OSLang & @CRLF & @IPAddress1 & @CRLF & @ComputerName & @CRLF & @DesktopRefresh & @CRLF & @UserName & @CRLF & @OSLang)

That is one line.

Working on a better version.

Edit; This one is better for ease of reading:

$w1 = @OSTYPE & @CRLF & @OSVersion & @CRLF
$w2 = @OSServicePack & @CRLF & @OSBuild & @CRLF
$w3 = @OSLang & @CRLF & @IPAddress1 & @CRLF
$w4 = @ComputerName & @CRLF & @DesktopRefresh & @CRLF
$w5 = $w1 & $w2 & $w3 & $w4 & @UserName & @CRLF & @OSLang
MsgBox(0,"Computer Specs",$w5)
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Guest Ice1605

Thank you very much!

I will try to make it better as my skills grow.

Thanks again! :D


Ice :idiot:

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Keep in mind that a macro (like the @OSType, @OSVersion and the others you used) just contains some data (that are automatically retrieved from the system). It is not a function, it is not something that works by itself. You have to use it with a command so as to produce something.

Try this to understand it better:

$title = "I am the title of the box"
$msg = "I am a string that someone has put me here"
MsgBox(0, $title, $msg)

Have a look at the AU3's helpfile and check the examples to fully understand each function and what it does.

Edit: By also studying the examples in the Scripts and Scraps forum, you may also understand better the language and its syntax.

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