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Possible To Write To An .exe? No.

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Sorry If I've Made Alot Of Topics Today, But Im Working On This Installer! Its Almost Finished Too!!

I just need to know...how I can write to an .exe...or write to a .au3 and quickly convert it to .exe...


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You mean like to compile function in scite?

Helpfile -> compile


Method 3 - The Command Line

The Aut2Exe.exe program can be run from the command line as follows:

Aut2exe.exe /in <infile.au3> [/out <outfile.exe>] [/icon <iconfile.ico>] [/nodecompile] [/comp 0-4] [/pass <passphrase>] [/nopack] [/ansi] [/unicode]

Long filenames should be enclosed in double-quotes like "C:\Program Files\Test\test.au3". If no "out" file is given the input filename is used with a .exe extension.

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