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Can autoIT do what I need it to?

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Please bare with me as I'm pretty new to all of this:

I'm looking to automate a work flow.

I'm a webdesigner and I'm going to be looking after a new project that will require me to do a ton of very repetitive tasks

here is what my workflow will be:

1. Our clients will be dropping roughly 50-80 hi resolution images onto our ftp site each week.

Roughly 5 clients all submitting 2 batches of the amount stated above.

2. A new folder will need to be generated with the clients name and the date. Then the images will be download into this new

folder. The files will then need to be split out into another two dynamically generated folders.

Named landscape and portrait.

3. These images will then need to be ran through Adobe Photoshop to be resized for the web and saved back out to another

two folders. (I will be using adobe photoshop actions to automate these tasks)

4. The images will then need to be loaded into adobe flash, aligned to the center of the stage and then saved out to

as .swf files which a specific file name.

5. Once this is completed an index.html template file will need to be edited and then saved to the root of these new image


6. Once everything has been completed they will need to be uploaded to our webserver with the index.html file and flash files

this time.

So can autoIT complete all of this?

If not does anyone have any other suggestion of an application that maybe able to do this for me?

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I personally wouldn't use AutoIt for this task. This sounds like more of a server-side application.

1. I would have a login page first that the client could access.

2. The client could then submit photos through an html interface. You could have the client either manually place the Portrait and Landscape folders or you could use a script (PHP, ASP) to get the dimensions of the images, then move them based on a condition.

if (height < width){


} else {



You could also have an option to accept a zip file which could then be decompressed.

3. PHP has GDI functions that can resize images server side...this is how thumbnails are generated on the fly

4. Not sure what role Flash plays here, is it just a blank file with the picture embedded? In any case I would create one Flash file that loads the images dynamically rather than creating multiple copies.

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