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SciTE on WM6 ?

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Hi i hust buyed a pda, and i know that AutoIT wont work on it an probaly newer will....

But but how about the SciTE, is there away to use that in my mobile OS, that way i can scripte away from home, yes yes i know that i wont be able to test em before i get home.. but stil :)

Current, i always have a pice of paper aso. with me in case i thinke of som thin i can use in my project, but the paper got lost or i forgot to take it out of the pocket and i got washed :), there for (not only) i buyed the pda so i could write down, and not throw away whet i wrote :)

But now i have used the pad for some time and found out that i only can rember ... hmm a verry few commands - so i have to rewrite the dam.. thing when i get home..

Do'es any have s sugg.


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