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How to find URL of webpage you are on? Address Bar

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Just wondering how to return the URL of the webpage you are visiting.

Ive been looking through the _IE functions but I havent found it yet.

It has to be in there somewhere right? I came close with _IEPropertyGet(), but I guess it cant return the URL?

I also noticed that the URL is the only thing that shows up in Visible Text in the Window Info Tool. I dont know how to return the Visible Text so I guess knowing how to do that would work too, if anyone knows.

Edit: Eh I found it.

$url = _IEPropertyGet($oIE, "locationurl")

guess I just missed it the first time lol

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i think that tool is open source so you could read through the source. Or you can use the Finder tool and notice that its an edit control and use some command that escapes my mind atm but if i find it il post back.

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