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how can i make srips for Local Security Policy

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hello, is there a form to write a value to Local Security Policy from control panel/ administrative tools/ Local Security Policy in software restriction polices additional rules : so it can add a new path rule and the security level,

my intention is to do it automatically so in a program u write the name and the security level and it adds it to Local Security Policy

this is with the intention of stopping viruses, so the computer lock the virus when attempting to open itself by its name.

for people that doesn't know about this, in this Local Security Policy u can write a name of the virus and restrict access to it and in the security level write disallow

here is a list of a name of viruses,

kchst.EXE ( virus en disket )

-kofcpfwsvcs.exe ( No ves archivos ocultos de tu pc )

-sxs.exe ( No te deja hacer boot de tu dispositivo USB )

-svohost.exe (variante del sxs.exe)

-Autorun.* ( bloqueando este proceso lo mas seguro cuando metas un cd no puedas hacerlo bootear pero es mayor seguridad para ti y tu equipo )

-norbToK.exe (a las carpetas k tengas en tu disco duro las vuelve .exe ejemplo Mis Documentos.exe, Mis Imagenes.exe, etc.. etc .. )

-cn911.exe ( creo k este virus te crea adentro de la misma carpeta miles de carpetas )

-adobeR.exe ( es un ejecutable del autorun, la verdad no me acuerdo k hace )

if u know more viruses name please post them with all the name including if the virus is exe or com etc

thanks for answering about linux but about my first question do u know how to

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Whats Linux?

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Linux is an alternitive OS other than Microsoft Windows.

AutoIt is a windows application, not linux, but some functionality exists if you install wine on linux.

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