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Graphs.... Need help!

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Hey guys,

I did some searching and found several different things when it comes to creating graphs... and I'm clueless on where to begin.

Basically here is what I'm doing:

I'm creating a script that monitors the value of something (Think stocks or CPU usage. Something like that.), and I want it to dynamically generate a graph as its going. (Again, much like the stock market or CPU usage.)

I've seen some similar things in Java that are really cool. It scales if the graph hits a edge, scrolls, the whole nine yards. I've also seen some that generate delay averages, marks peaks, amazing stuff that baffles me. How would I go about doing something like that? Of course I don't necessarily *need* all the extra features... I'm just wondering if something like that, or even a really simple stock graph, can be done in autoit. If not, then I'm in deep water. The rest of my program is already done in autoit. :)

I tried playing around with the few example I found... but I didn't find one that looked like it fit what I was trying to do.

So, how would I create a little widget-type thing that dynamically graphs something like stock prices? I have the rest of my program done... I just wanted to have the output graphed in the gui for those extra 'professional' brownie points. :)

Thanks for your help!


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