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Searching in text file...

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I'm making a file usbdrives.txt with a script : The file looks like this :

ListUsbDrives V1.7.2

Lists attached USB drives and their USB port names for USBDLM

Freeware by Uwe Sieber - www.uwe-sieber.de

Current User = JSL

Member of groups = Debugger Users, Gebruikers foutopsporing, Administrators

MountPoint = U:\

Volume Label = ---

Volume Size = 130 MB (FAT32)

Volume Name = \\?\Volume{47ec7e40-d2e0-11db-9000-00170845b81d}\

MultiCardReader = no

NoMediaNoLetter = yes

Drive Type = removable drive

Bus Type = USB

Device Types = HotPlug


Ctrl DevID = USB\VID_1005&PID_B113\070B000414B0B70

Volume DosDevName = \Device\Harddisk1\DP(1)0-0+e

Disk DosDevName = \Device\000000ca

Device Number = 1

Removal Policy = surprise removal

Partition Number = 1 of 1

Friendly Name = USB Flash Drive

USB Version = 2.0 (high speed)

USB Friendl. Name = USB Flash Drive

USB Serial = 070B000414B0B70

USB Port Name = 5-5

Is it possible to search in this file. For example Mountpoint or Friendly Name. I'm making a script for safe removal of USB drives.

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Here are the ingredients for File Search Pie:





StringTrimLeft() / StringTrimRight()

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