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Videoplayer as slave for Audacity

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I have this dream of using Audacity to make soundtracks in sync to video.

The ideal solution would be someting like:

A. An AutoIt program where you can load a video file into a player(can be done with the wmp.udf).

B. And extract the fps of the videofile.

C. Opens Audacity(if no Audacity is opened) with the audio from the videofile.

D. Sets the Audio Position format(in Audacity) accordingly to the fps of the video.

E. And from that point sets the video position in the videoplayer with the value of the audio position everytime it is changed.

F. ... hoping that it'll be fast enough to play both the audio(in audacity) and the video(in an embedded WMP) realtime. :)

But in order to do this with AutoIt I encountered a couple of problems:

1. The title of the main window of Audacity is changed when a file/project is loaded. How is it possible to access a window when the title is changed?

2. How do I change the Audio Position format with autoit?

3. How do I extract the Audio Position?

A bit of testing:

run("C:\Programmer\Audacity 1.3 Beta (Unicode)\audacity.exe")
$handle = WinGetHandle("Audacity",  "")

ConsoleWrite("Position: "&ControlGetText($handle, "", "[CLASS:wxWindowClassNR42; INSTANCE:42"))


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