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Getting framerate during video playing from Filter Graph

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I an using the DVBViewer software to receive satellite on my mediacenter PC. From time to time, something goes wrong when I select a new channel or after watching a channel with a weak channel and I get a blank screen. There are two cases: either the channel is not tuned correctly (I am using fast tuning) or the Directshow filter graph gets corrupted because the video/audio stream is too damaged. Currently, the manual solution is either to re-tune the channel until it works or rebuild the filter graph (rebuild graph is a command from DVBViewer). I already automated some tasks on my mediacenter with autoit (internet/remote control/...), so I thought it would be nice to fix this problem with autoit.

In short, the idea is to check regularly the framerate of the video and when this framerate is 0, re-tune the channel and rebuild the filter graph. This looked not so complicated because DVBViewer has a COM interface build-in and I already connect to it in the autoit scripts I wrote for my mediacenter. The problem is to get the video framerate: I can see the filtergraph in the running object table with the tool COMview (http://www.japheth.de/COMView.html). It is supposed to have nice interfaces like IBasicvideo with the property AvgTimePerFrame but I cannot connect to it with objget because I do not have any progid for it.

Does anybody has an idea how to get the video framerate of a filter graph already existing with autoit ? Am I looking in the wrong direction ?


P.S.: As this is my first post, I use the opportunity for saying that autoit documentation/forum/script editor/functionalities are really first class: this is a pure pleasure to use this language.

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