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Reboot Function gives Error Message

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This topic arises from work in following up my previous Post: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=6427

Copying the relvant Function Specification I tried this code:

Shutdown(6) ;Force a reboot

(Newbie Question: how do I open/close a Code section?).

It certainly rebooted my system, but the first time I executed it, it posted a 216 Error ....

... subsequently it performed as advertised, no Error Message.

If this is 'not a Bug, but a Feature' I think users need to be aware of it.

Doin' the Shift-Click Drag ....

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Os? Can we see some code? Did it rebooted the system, are you sure it is an autoit error and not a OS or application error for being closed violently? Also Shutdown(2) gives the same problem?


OS is Win XP Home.

The code is the one-liner that you see above my message (placed in file 'Reboot.au3' on my desktop and double-clicked).

I next tried the forced shutdown -- Shutdown(6) -- and that worked Error-free (but maybe the one-time error message had been used up on the Reboot version).

Since reading your response I tried Shutdown(2) and that appears to be OK.

I have the distinct impression that the Error Message is a one-time deal across all variants of Shutdown, and in practice -- once you flush it out in testing -- it won't bother the end-user.


Doin' the Shift-Click Drag ....

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