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How can i use the "unrar.dll" in autoit?

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Can someone help me with this unrar.dll? (You can get it here from rarlab.com)

I dont understand how to call the functions of the dll, because there is no introduction and example for autoit :)

I want to use "RAR_OM_EXTRACT" in the "RAROpenArchive" section and "RAR_EXTRACT" in the "RARProcessFile" section.

I thougt it should look like this :

$DLL = DllOpen("unrar.dll")
$return = DllCall($DLL, "ptr", "RAROpenArchive", "char", "C:\~~~ <=The RAR - Archive", "UINT", "RAR_OM_EXTRACT", "char", 0)
DllCall($DLL, "int", "RARProcessFile", "ptr", $return, "int", "RAR_EXTRACT", "char", "C:\~~~ <=DestPath", "char", 0)

But that dont works :)


PS: I know nothing about how to call a dll :)

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