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checksum problems [solved]

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alright... i sort of learned using the allmighty PixelChecksum.

i made two scripts for myself so far, one of them works but the other doesn't.

here's the one that doesn't.

Dim const $ClickHere = 2305634675
While 1=1
    if PixelChecksum (470,180,521,194) = $ClickHere Then
        MouseClick ("left" [,495,187 [, 1] [,0]]])
        Sleep (5000)

i mean, it STARTS, does not yell at me for typos, but when the click here button shows up, it does not click it.

as you may have guessed, i want it to loop forever. where did i screw up?

edit: it appears that MouseClick is too complicated for either autoit or my computer to handle...

dividing it to

MouseMove (495,180)
MouseClick ("left")

seems to have solved the problem.

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