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Au3Calibur excerpt manager

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Au3Calibur 1.7 readme

Do you find that you frequently insert the same AutoIt instructions into

many scripts that you write? Au3Calibur lets you manage a library of your

commonly used code excerpts (ie, groups of AutoIt instructions or functions).

Each excerpt can be given a name. Au3Calibur displays a list of the names

of your code excerpts. When you click upon 'Paste', the particular name,

the instructions in that excerpt are inserted into the clipboard. So, you can

easily import / export from your library of code excerpts by

scrolling a list of names, and parse on the desired excerpt.

Option to generate scripts from excerpt libraries as well as to auto generate function excerpt libraries from scripts...

Au3Calibur can work as a macro to an editer from choice ( *SciTe )

Download from site:


Come with script and Topics - No excerpts attached...

Kåre Johansson 2005 - 2008

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Au3Calibur 1.8 excerpts manager update...

"Au3Calibur" was original a macro tool done for another interpretted language

Reginald Rexx in 2002 and was very populare at the time as the maintainer Jeff Glatt wrote

most of the topics for me, I did the first version of Au3Calibur in 2005. Au3Calibur can

work as a macro application (ie, used with Script Editor) but as a standalone just as

well - Au3Calibur use the clipboard as interface.

I changed the Import / export manager intuition to be able to make selective builds and

made some bug fixes too...

free to download from site


kjactive :)

Edited by kjactive

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