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Remove screen resolution dependency for MouseClick

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Hey guys,

This is my first post and let me say that AUTOIT ROCKS !! Use it for all my automation needs. Use it everyday, many times a day :idiot:

I wanted to know if its possible to reduce the screen resolution dependency for the current mouse movements using the provided functions. For an application that I am testing, there is no way to manipulate using keystrokes (QuickTime player). Hence I am forced to resort to MouseClicks for certain actions and this is risky since it reduces the portability of the script when compiled to an exe.

Whenever the screen resolution changes, the mouse movements will differ and hence I can not run my script on multiple computers without fear of running into an error. Is there a workaround for this currently ?

1) I can have a function that forcibly changes the user's monitor resolution to the same as that on which the the test script was made. This can still cause a problem for windows shifting unexpectedly for some unstable application.

2) There can be a function which forces the mouse to move to go to the activated window and then we can have a mouseclick function that will take coordinates relative to the Active window.

Would appreciate any comments / suggestions on this...



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This is my first post

No need to say this because we already know:

a) You posted in the wrong place.

B) You didn't read the helpfile (MouseCoordMode, Control* functions).

Edited by sugi

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1) NEVER change any user's screen resolution. It is considered rude in the most extreme sense to change a user's settings without the user giving you/the program express permission to do so.

Who else would I be?

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