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autoit v3 can't perform action on window

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I am trying to write a script to install multiple applications in sequence. I am having trouble getting it to close one of the installer apps, either by clicking ont he button, sending a keystroke (alt-c), or by closing the window.


I have an Adobe Flash offline/distributable installer application (adobe_flash_player_9.0.115.0.exe) that the installer can't seem to detect. The problem seems to be in selecting the window in order to send a command to it. My code is below. The first part (clicking Run to the XP file security warning) works fine. The second part (closing a window that reads "Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Setup") does note. I have the exact same problem with a second installer - Adobe Shockwave Installer - autoit can't seem to perform an action on the "Select Language" titled screen. My codes for the adobe flash isntaller is below, but i have tried several variations - to click on the Close button, to send an alt-c command, and to close or kill the window. None has any effect.

Can anybody help please?

Many thanks


My code:

;install Adobe Flash Player
WinWait("Open File - Security Warning", "Do You Want")
ControlClick ( "Open File - Security Warning", "Do You Want", "[CLASS:Run; INSTANCE:1]" [, left [, 1 ]] )

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)
While 1
    If WinExists("[TITLE:Adobe]", "Completed") Then

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