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ftp 'get' func help?

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I run a script (shown below) from time to time - cron'ed or on demand. It works fine, but since the files it retrieves are created by an autoit program (a file of computer parameters collected, formatted, and sent via ftp to my server), I thought it'd be better if the reading were to be done by an autoit program, too... but I can't seem to get an ftp_get() type program working.

Here's the script (batch) file:

ftp -i -v -n -s:script.bat

Here's the data file it uses:

open ftp.fubar.net
user sprocket
cd ./itinfo
mget *.iti
mdelete *.iti

That's it --- pretty simple stuff. I've been doing this sort of thing just this way for a loooong time, always worked so far - although some versions of ftp don't like the command-line switches exactly that way --- no big deal, tho'.

So... can anyone point me at an "mget" and "mdel" autoit function and/or example?

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