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problem with checksum

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alright, i made an actually useful script in which i need checksum. it's BASED on checksum.

now, the problem is really strange: it works for like 3 hours and then stops.

as in, the checksum part seems to not work. o.O

which leads me to the question, why doesn't it work?

btw, behold the script! (well, something similar. i have to reinstall autoit and i don't feel like doing that right now... :);:)

dim const $t=1
dim const $checksum=1234567890

while $t=1
   if $checksum=PixelChecksum(x,y,x1,y1) then
      mousemove (x,y)
      mouseclick ("left")

the script is made to click the "click here" button in a forum i'm a member of, except that the "click here" is a picture.

so i need pixelchecksum to detect it.

also, yes, i did hear that i can change

while $t=1


while 1

but that doesn't seem to work so i went with the working choice.

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