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Running a compiled script from cmd prompt and having it not exit

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I have a question.

I run compiled scripts from a cmd/dos promt in XP.

Is there any way to have the compiled .exe file not exit until the script has run??

I run these script from a altiris server and as soon as the exe exits it starts another process, i would rather have it to wait until the script has run completely.


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Can you use the start command? I think if you put:

start /wait scriptname

that will pause the shell until the script exits. Add /min if you don't want to see its output.

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Another way is to use More to pipe the output to screen so any use of ConsoleWrite is shown within the cmd prompt.

e.g. Test.exe|more

If you enter a series of commands in the prompt and do not want to wait for each one to complete before entering the next, what you can do is this trick.

1. Type an opening brace "(" then press Return. You will then get a more? prompt.

2. Add each command and press Return after each one entered.

3. Then type a closing brace ")" to close the cycle and commence the execution of those commands.


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