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convert Html table to csv table

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Please, is there a way to convert html table to a csv file ?

somme think like this

Func html_To_csv ($The_given_url, $separator,$output_csv_file) ;

URLDownloadToFile($The_given_url, $html_file)

$htmlCode=FileRead($html_file, FileSize($html_file))

..scan engine...

for each html table <Table> take only Cells values and separate tem with $separator ";"



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I have a question, can you read? your in the scripts/scraps forum, and when you pressed the button it said "this is not a general support forum"

And to answer your question, you need to get very creative. Yes it is possible though, but you need to extract the table from the rest of the html first. Something you need to check though is amke sure a table is not nested when doing this.

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thinks for "help"

i'll never ask other think.


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Side note, for stripping tags it gets messy. <td> usually starts a collum, and <tr> ends a line/starts a new row. you will have to take into consideration colspan and rowspan, and all the other useless things like <td width="100"> and such. All these can be done, and are not that hard, but have to be taken into account.

I usually parse out just the table I need (find what is between <table and </table.)

Next I stringsplit by <

if stringleft($infoline,2)="td" then

; new collum


; finish off on your own

well ya get the approach.

honestly I do most of these with a regular expression editor to save time.

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