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Virtual Mouse Support

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I'm seriously thinking of attempting to tackle this if it's doable but I don't want to spend hours if it's just not feasible or the functionality is not available in 32-bit windows system environments.

What I would like to do is create a separate/duplicate mouse cursor that mirrors the parent mouse but in another location on the screen. If the starting position of the mouse were say 300,500 if an offset is presented for say 100,300 then two cursors would function in both locations simultaneously.

What follows is more of a question line and a discussion line.

What functions would be necessary to pull this off if it is even doable?

_WinAPI_GetWindowRect() for determining the parent/client area rectangle

_WinAPI_SetCapture() for capturing mouse input

_WinAPI_GetClientRect() and _WinAPI_ClientToScreen() for retrieving screen coordinates and converting them to client coordinates

DllCall / SendMessage functionality

... ?

Ideas? Doable?

If left clicking and draging the mouse as it moves, draw functions, etc. would be taking place in both cursor positions. Let me know your thoughts.

My Projects: [topic="89413"]GoogleHack Search[/topic], [topic="67095"]Swiss File Knife GUI[/topic], [topic="69072"]Mouse Location Pointer[/topic], [topic="86040"]Standard Deviation Calculator[/topic]

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