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tyring to make an OCR

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i got the code below, but it gives me alot of errors. How can i make a for loop that gives me different $slot variables? and how should i pass the $slot to the item function

with the two for loops in the item function im trying to get a area of 10x5 pixels and compare them with some given values to determine what letter it is. Is it right what im doing?

im getting confused help pls:)

Func Scan()
For $i = 2 to $totslots+1
For $i = 2 to $totslots+1

Func item($sloti,$itemcolor)
For $b = 1 to 10
For $a = 1 to 5
If $welkepixel[$b][$a]=0x000000 Then
$letterstring=$letterstring & 1
$letterstring=$letterstring & 0
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