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autoupdateit error

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(been away for away and have done a reinstall and have this problem now)

sorry cant find an answer to this:

When using autoupdateit.au3 on the current release I get:

line 2627 ...structureconstants.au3

Global Const $tagREBARINFO = DllStructCreate(...

Global Const $tagREBARINFO = ^ERROR

I have toggled to the beta but its still the same...

(had to swap a switch statement for a select case in the original autoupdateit.au3)

So I cant get my autoupdateit to work...

am i missing the latest version of something(s) or a lot of include files?

looks like my installation cant find DllStructCreate?

where do i get these from


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This all fixed: wasnt a problem at all...

I was trying to run AutoUpdateIt as a shortcut... when I use the actuall original version of the file, it all works fine :)

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