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Hey all

I've created a program that will take a screenshot and upload it via FTP to my server. The only problem there is that close to 50 people are going to be doing this at the same time and my FTP server only allows 2 connections at once from the same user plus people could use wireshark or a similar program to sniff out the username and password to the server.

So that brings us to my question. I'm using the _HTTP UDF to upload other data to my server through PHP files. What I would like to do is send the image data to my server through HTTP post and save the image in my database. I've tried and tried but I only get "The image cannot be displayed because it contains errors". I'm opening the image as binary, converting it to base64 and then sending it to the PHP script. Then of course when I try to view the image I decode the base64 and display the raw data. I do not think the correct data is being sent to the server though.

Anyone got any ideas?

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