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Pattern Matching

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Hi all,

I am working on a an exe (will be posting it soon in the scripts and scraps section), and I need to be able to do some simple string parsing. This would be easy to do in a language like Perl, but I'm having some trouble seeing how to do it in AutoIT.

Specifically, what I want to do is take a HotKeySet() key string, parse it to figure out which keys it specifies, and print out a more human readable string. For example:



!^a ALT + CTRL + A

#b WIN + B

^+{F1} CTRL + SHIFT + F1

+{Space} SHIFT + SPACE




(This isn't code, just using the box for layout)

Those last two are the real problem -- I'd like to be able to match a pattern inside braces {} .I guess I could just go through with StringReplace() and map every single key binding to a 'nice' output string, but I figure there must be a better way....

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hope this helps :idiot: There might be some bugs....

MsgBox(4096, "!^a", PrettyPrint("!^a"))
MsgBox(4096, "!^A", PrettyPrint("!^A"))
MsgBox(4096, "#b", PrettyPrint("#b"))
MsgBox(4096, "^+{F1}", PrettyPrint("^+{F1}"))
MsgBox(4096, "+{Space}", PrettyPrint("+{Space}"))
MsgBox(4096, "+{BS}", PrettyPrint("+{BS}"))

Func PrettyPrint($input)
   Local $temp, $output

   If _RemovedFromString($input, "{!}") Then $temp = "!"
   If _RemovedFromString($input, "{#}") Then $temp = "#"
   If _RemovedFromString($input, "{+}") Then $temp = "Plus"
   If _RemovedFromString($input, "{^}") Then $temp = "^"
   If _RemovedFromString($input, "{{}") Then $temp = "{"
   If _RemovedFromString($input, "{}}") Then $temp = "}"
   If _RemovedFromString($input, "^") Then $output = $output & "CTRL + "
   If _RemovedFromString($input, "!") Then $output = $output & "ALT + "
   If _RemovedFromString($input, "+") Then $output = $output & "SHIFT + "
   If _RemovedFromString($input, "#") Then $output = $output & "WIN + "
  ;Should be left with either a single char or a {...} hotkey
   If _RemovedFromString($input, "{") And _RemovedFromString($input, "}") Then
      $input = StringUpper($input)
      Case $input = "BS"
         $input = "Backspace"
      Case $input = "DEL"
         $input = "Delete"
      Case $input = "PGUP"
         $input = "PageUp"
      Case $input = "PGDN"
         $input = "PageDown"
      $output = $output & StringUpper($input)
   ElseIf Asc($input) >= Asc("A") And Asc($input) <= Asc("Z") Then
      $output = $output & "SHIFT + " & $input & " " & $temp
      $output = $output & StringUpper($input) & $temp
   $output = StringStripWS($output, 3) ;removing any leading and trailing whitespace
   If StringRight($output, 1) = "+" Then $output = StringReplace($output, " +", "");remove trailing +

   Return $output

; Helper Function
; If $sub in in $string then remove it and return 1
Func _RemovedFromString(ByRef $string, $sub)
   If StringInStr($string, $sub) Then
      $string = StringReplace($string, $sub, "")
      Return 1

Use Mozilla | Take a look at My Disorganized AutoIt stuff | Very very old: AutoBuilder 11 Jan 2005 prototype I need to update my sig!

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Hope this helps :D  There might be some bugs....

:idiot: I LOVE YOU!!

Seriously, that works great, and I had just been working on something that was not going the be nearly as good, and I was still pretty satisfied...So this is like Merry Christmas for me :lol:

Anyways, thanks again -- now my exe will be done by the end of the night!

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