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Second monitor screensaver

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I am in the thoughts of making a screensaver for my second monitor, while it is not in use. As my current setup is a 24" monitor as primary and a 46" LCD TV as secondary monitor I find myself "forgetting" about my second monitors state. I do not know how common burn marks are in todays LCD TVs but it would be a shame if I got any ... anyways it could be a nice touch to my living room with my TV viewing some nice photos instead of an idle desktop. I have searched for a similar solution but found nada. The screensaver that is shipped with windows hasn't got the feature I'm looking for.

What I want to accomplish is some sort of screensaver for the second monitor to run when I am not using it. I got an idea of a design and I would very much appreciate any ideas and thoughts about the way to create this script.

-At first I use a pixelchecksum on the area of the desktop that is viewed by the second monitor.

-After x minutes I do a new checksum and if the sums are equal I assume the second monitor isn't in use.

-The "screensaver" starts, showing some images or whatever I like, in fullscreen on the second monitor.

-The script is now in a loop fetching mouse coordinates - if the mouse positions x coordinate is greater than the primary monitors width, the screensaver stops and we go back to getting checksums of the second monitor.

I also would like comments about designing this script to use as few system resources as possible, as I suspect my original design isn't the optimal, since it will be running at all time.

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