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Is it possible to have a function initiate a javascript function embeded in html?

<AREA SHAPE="poly" COORDS="0,59,21,38,26,38,26,83,21,83,0,61" HREF="javascript:;" ALT="West" onclick="dosub(3); return false;">

I usually have the function just click the button, but recently the button has been beeing forced lower randomly due to differently sized ads at the top of the page.

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Please Move, clicked wrong link when posted.

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I'm no expert, but if you reach the point where you're ready for a duct tape solution, try Sending this Javascript to the browser's address field:


followed by {ENTER}. That can work, depending on circumstances. In Opera, F8 ("Set focus to address field"), and Esc ("Restore original address in address field and set focus to page").

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