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Is this a good use of AutoIt?

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I am new to AutoIt and, quite honestly, am not sure whether it's an appropriate tool for what I need. I'd appreciate your advice.

I need to copy and paste into a web-based form. Before posting the data, I need to perform some routine "cleaning up", converting quotation marks, en- and em-dashes, escaping apostrophes, etc. All of this takes place within one field of the form I'm using.

Is it practical to, say, select all the data I want cleaned up and then have the process automated by AutoIt? What I have in mind is something like...

1. Paste data into form.

2. Highlight data to be cleaned up.

3. AutoIt does a search-and-replace within that selected data.

4. Post the data.

Can AutoIt do step 3 in a fairly straightforward way?

Thanks for your help.



Michael O'Henly

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